Why Us?

The mission of Rocheskey’s Keys to Drive school is to offer affordable door to door service from patient, highly qualified professionals to students of Ocean County, Atlantic County and Burlington County. Training drivers to function behind the wheel in a caring and re-assuring environment allows students to learn crucial skills necessary to not only pass the driving test, but be safe drivers for years to come.

Study Materials

Our instructors will provide you with practice material and study tips and tools to help you pass the written form of the test. As part of the package, your first trip to the DMV will be supplied to you, free of charge. Every trip to the DMV to retake the written test will be provided to you at an extra fee.

Obtaining Your Permit

Our instructors take you to obtain your permit and return on the next session to validated it by the DMV. If you are under 16 years old, this is the only way to receive a permit before you are 17. For those 17 years and older, you can choose to exercise your right to obtain a permit yourself, or we can provide this service to you at no extra cost.

Skills for Driving

Our instructors know what it takes to be successful on the road test and to continue to be safe drivers on the road. Over the course of your six hours, you will learn necessary skills for driving, including but not limited to: Physical Skills, Turning, Residential Driving, Traffic Conditions, Highway, Road Test, and Road Test Skills.

About the Company

Founded by Pinelands Regional School teacher and Chamber of Commerce member, Don Rocheskey, he puts his six years of experience from Premier South Jersey driving school and sixteen years as a teacher to work in order to bring students a friendly environment to learn effectively without breaking the bank.

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What people are saying

Melissa Colmyer

Melissa Colmyer


We have had all three of our kids use this school, Rocheskey is the best! We definitely recommend!!

Tracey Imbrenda

Tracey Imbrenda


I highly recommend Rocheskey’s Keys to Drive. My sons’ were able to gain the confidence they needed to get behind the wheel and both passed their driving test on the first try.

Daniel C. Melega

Daniel C. Melega


Don taught my grandson to drive, well on the road anyway. What a great experience for him. Thank you sir!

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